Brave Men Filmed Freeing Angry Cougar Cruelly Snagged In Bear Trap

By : Kieron Curtis |



Two brave men have gone viral after footage of them freeing a cougar from a bear trap emerged online.

The big cat can be heard wildly hissing at the men as they attempt to free it from the cruel trap, and with only one paw snared the cougar was certainly capable of doing some damage.

Undeterred the men have the animal free within a few heart stopping minutes.

Check it out:

According to the video’s description it was captured in Utah, although there is no detail as yet to who the men are.

Based on their tools and uniforms it would seem they are experienced with this type of animal control scenario though.

First they assess the scene.


But the dangers to both animal and humans quickly becomes apparent.


With no further harm done, one of the men attends to the cougar’s paw and releases the trap.


Having eventually worked out that it’s free the cougar sprints away.


The two men tracked the cougar for a few hundred metres to ensure it had shaken the pole, and then retreat satisfied the cat is was safe.

Great work guys!