Experts Confirm Your Cat Really Is Trying To Kill You

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It turns out we were right to be a little bit paranoid whenever our cat was intensely eyeing us up, as experts have just confirmed that it’s very likely your pet is plotting your demise.


A joint study conducted by the University of Edinburgh and Bronx Zoo revealed the often suspected dark side to our supposed feline friends.

Researchers carried out a personality test on more than 100 cats and found that domestic cats shared many of the same traits as their larger relatives like the snow leopard, Scottish wildcat and African lion.


Specifically – dominance, impulsiveness and neurotic behaviour.

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Speaking to 9NEWS, psychologist Dr Max Wachtel said:

They’re cute and furry and cuddly, but we need to remember that when we have cats as pets we are inviting little predators into our house. For a lot of people, it’s worth it. Cats can be sweet companions, until they turn on you.


Apparently it’s only the domestic cat’s relatively small size which protects us from them unleashing their true predatory qualities, ripping our throats out and taking their place as head of the household.

We’ll definitely be keeping a closer eye on Whiskers from now on!


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