Giant Female Spiders Are Forcing Males To Perform Oral Sex, A Lot

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Giant Female Spiders Are Forcing Males To Perform Oral Sex, A Lot spider1YouTube

As we all suspected, it turns out that female spiders not only know what they want – they know how to get it.

During a recent study, published in Scientific Reports, scientists were shocked to discover a giant female spider that forces males to perform oral sex up to 100 times in one session, reports The Mirror.

Scientists in Slovenia found that Madagascan Darwin bark spiders are among the few species that practise cunnilingus.

Oral sex is rare in the animal kingdom, apart from in mammals, where macaques, lemurs, bonobos, hyenas, cheetahs, lions, dolphins and bats are known to engage in fellatio. Yet cunnilingus is even rarer.

It sounds like if you were a male Darwin spider, you would do what you’re told – the females are several times larger and heavier and males have to contend with being eaten or even having their genitals mutilated after sex.

Experts believe the species – only discovered in 2009 – performs oral sex to boost its chances of mating by either showing its prowess or by creating a chemical environment to benefit its sperm.

Giant Female Spiders Are Forcing Males To Perform Oral Sex, A Lot spider2YouTube

Arachnologist Dr Matjaz Gregoric, a research associate at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts said:

Several groups of spiders whose females evolved giant sizes are known for extreme sexual behaviours such as sexual cannibalism, opportunistic mating, mate-binding, genital mutilation, plugging, and emasculation.

Oral sexual contact seems to be an obligate sexual behaviour in this species as all males did it before, in between, and after copulations, even up to 100 times.

No wonder they get eaten and mutilated after sex – they’re probably fucking knackered.


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