This Dog Is Trained To Catch Rapists

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Police dogs can sniff out pretty much anything these days, catching drug dealers, murderers, and even terrorists in the process. But what if they could catch rapists?

Enter Billie the cocker spaniel.

While many police dogs are trained to sniff out explosives, blood or drugs, Billie is used to detect human semen.

Recruited by Derbyshire Police as the first cop canine in the country used to catch rapists, Billie has a sense of smell 10,000 sharper than a human’s and his extraordinary skills allow him to pick up the scent of a millilitre of sperm a year after it was ejaculated. Now that’s impressive.

A dog specially trained to find semen at a crime scene is helping our officers investigate sexual offences. Billie and…

Posted by Derbyshire Constabulary on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Since March this year Billie has carried out 18 searches, according to a Facebook post by Derbyshire Constabulary.

And The Times reports that he’s already caught scents the police would have missed otherwise. In one case involving a suspected peeping Tom, the investigation team had found nothing at the crime scene. But despite CSI not being able to see any stains through the crime light, the dog indicated ‘several areas’ of semen on a board.

In another case, Billie was called in to search a set of steps in a Derbyshire town where a rape had allegedly taken place. The cocker spaniel indicated the presence of semen and a swab was forensically analysed, proving a DNA hit and leading to the arrest of a suspect.

It’s no doubt Superintendent Dick Hargreaves said Billie is a ‘real asset’ to the team. He’s saving the world one rapist at a time.