New Tourist Photos Of The Loch Ness Monster Emerge

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New photos have emerged which provide us with definitive proof that the Loch Ness Monster is totally not a myth and ol’ Nessie has actually been chilling in the Scottish Highlands all this time.


24-year-old Londoner Jolene Lin snapped the long distance image of a ‘snake-like head’ poking out of Loch Ness during a cruise last week, the Sunday Post reports.

And the pic was enough to convince the self proclaimed skeptical student that Nessie is, in fact, lurking in the water.

Check out the game changing photo below:


Yeah, you can totally see Nessie there, right? No?

Okay, here’s a more zoomed in version:

nessie 2 620x426 New Tourist Photos Of The Loch Ness Monster EmergeJolene Lin/Twitter

I mean, if you’re still a non-believer after that indisputable evidence, you must be mad, quite frankly.


In all seriousness though, this blurry pic of a black spot has actually impressed Gary Campbell, president of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, so maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge?

nessie New Tourist Photos Of The Loch Ness Monster Emerge

As for Lin herself, she explained the sighting to the Sunday Post, saying:

About midway through the journey, I looked to the right of where I was standing and I saw a thin snake-like head emerging from the waters and moving a little before submerging back into the waters again after a few seconds.

Thankfully, I was constantly taking pictures while on the boat ride so I managed to capture what I saw then, and took two pictures of the encounter. I was a non-believer of Nessie at first but after I saw what I saw, I am convinced that there is something relatively large living under the waters of the Loch, and it’s not something which I have seen before.

At least this means that the Loch Ness Monster isn’t dead, as previously feared.


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