Two Lions Shot And Killed After Man Jumps Into Pen In ‘Apparent Suicide Attempt’

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Two Lions Shot And Killed After Man Jumps Into Pen In Apparent Suicide Attempt Santiago ZooGoogle Street View

A zoo in Chile was forced to shoot and kill two lions after a naked man jumped into their pen in an alleged suicide attempt. 

The Mirror reports that the unnamed 20-year-old man leapt into the lion enclosure after climbing a fence at the zoo in the Chilean capital, Santiago.

Visitors then watched in horror as the nude man wrestled with the lions before they attacked him, injuring him seriously. However, he survived the attack.

Staff took the decision to save the man’s life, shooting the two lions, one male and one female, dead.

The man was quickly taken to hospital where he is believed to be in a serious condition.

Cynthia Vasquez told Radio Bío Bío that the lions didn’t immediately attack and claims that the zoo staff were ‘slow’ to respond to the incident.

Vasquez said:

He got in from on top of the enclosure, the lions started to play with him, then they attacked him.


She went on to add that security tried firing water at the lions first and evacuated the area.

The young man reportedly left a suicide note in his clothes.

The zoo’s director Alejandra Montalva added:

A marksman decided to save the person’s life and sadly we took the decision to sacrifice two members of our family…. We’re very hurt and very saddened.

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