Woman Sucks A Croc Live On TV

By : Neelam TailorTwitterLogo

Woman Sucks A Croc Live On TV 27014UNILAD imageoptim CrocodileYoutb

A woman wearing a glittery leotard used her mouth raise a croc, live on air.

Now a lot of people seem to think she is having some sort of romantic experience with the reptile…I think that says more about their sex lives to be honest.

Never smile at a crocodile, but kissing it is fine according to this brave woman who did it live on Chinese TV.

It is not clear what program this stunt was for, but the glamorous daredevil puts her mouth around the snout of the crocodile and  lifts it up before quickly moving away.

She then performs other stunts with the croc (which don’t look kind for the animal), coming face to face with it’s sharp-toothed jaw.

Woman Sucks A Croc Live On TV 15711UNILAD imageoptim Crocodile1

Viewers were shocked at her daring behaviour, with one saying ‘Yeah that’s gonna eventually end badly for her.’

It’s not that big, but I reckon that croc could do some serious damage.