102-Year-Old Watches Videos Of Her Dancing Career In The 1930’s For The First Time

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102 Year Old Watches Videos Of Her Dancing Career In The 1930s For The First Time giphy 23

Alice Barker reminisces of her performing days when she’s showed videos of her dancing in the 1930’s-1940’s. It’s making her ‘wish she could get out of this bed and do it all over again.’

With a little help from David Shuff and Mark Cantor of Jazz On Film, Alice was able to relive her jiving days. For the first ever time she was able to see her younger self boogie, formerly dancing with the likes of Frank Sinatra.

When Shuff was made aware that she used to be a famous dancer, he hunted down old videos that she was in, as all the memorabilia she had was lost.

Alice loved watching the video’s back and it took her right back to how she was feeling at the time. It made her want to get up out of bed and dance.

She’s now a bit of a legend in her nursing home, as they regularly play her videos on the TV in the communal area.