11-Year-Old Kid Faces Lifetime Rugby Ban For Attacking Ref

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo

11 Year Old Kid Faces Lifetime Rugby Ban For Attacking Ref rugby 221 webGetty

In football, players spend half their time rolling around on the ground and harassing the referee, but one kid decided to take that one step further during a rugby game and actually attacked the referee.

The incident took place during a juniors game in Auckland Rugby Union, with an 11-year-old kid tackling the ref to the ground and punching him during the under 12’s game after getting a yellow card for a high tackle on an opposition player.

If it makes anyone feel any better, the kid was apparently distraught and left the field without protest, but really, violence is not acceptable on a sports pitch, so hopefully this will teach him a lesson.

However, is a lifetime ban really the answer here? Perhaps a couple of games on the sidelines and a stern talking to is what this kid needs.