12-Year-Old Records Teacher Saying ‘My D*ck Goes All The Way To The Fence’

By : Charlie Martin |


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Over in Texas a 6th grader (that’s Year 7 in England) recorded a Teacher’s f-bomb rant at his class, which hears him boast about the size of his manhood.

The young student decided to record the teacher’s foul-mouthed outburst, which hears him say ‘If you don’t give a f*ck, then I don’t give a f*ck’. This prompted nervous chuckles from the class and the teacher wasn’t impressed, announcing ‘Some people’s d*ck, they only go that far. My d*ck goes all the way to that fence. I’m gonna show you what a d*ck is. I’m gonna d*ck your ass over.’

Surely that would be taken as a threat? Surely he’d get fired? And if I had it my way, locked up and on a register?! Apparently not, the principal of the school asked the mother of the young girl to make the recording disappear. So instead, she went to the news and now the school are being exposed worldwide.

Good. Excellent decision from a responsible pupil!