127,000 People Sign Petition To Keep War Veteran In His House

By : Sam Ridgway |


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Second World War veteran and great-grandfather Robert Clark has lived in his beloved home for 50 years.

But now, the 96-year-old is being forced out of his home because he can’t afford a live-in carer after the council increased the funding he needs for one.

This means Robert will have to give up his house to live in a care home – after already spending £50,000 of his life savings on a live-in carer over the past two years.

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However, in a twist of fate, over 127,000 people have signed a petition calling for Mr Clark to be able to stay in his house – but the council are refusing to lend a helping hand because they cannot consider the war veteran a special case.

Speaking yesterday, his son, Mike Clark said:

He fought for the freedom of this country – without people like him Brent Council wouldn’t even exist. How can they treat him like this? It’s inhumane.

Robert spent most of the war in prison camps in Poland, before being forced to join the Nazi ‘death march’ of 1945. He says that being forced into a care home would remind him of being a PoW.

But do his council care? Not enough, is the answer. And unfortunately, this is a standpoint seen far too often across our country.

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