Pornhub Reveal What Porn We’re All Watching This Christmas

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Pornhub Reveal What Porn Were All Watching This Christmas sexy santa helpers

Christmas is the time for giving and if Vice and Pornhub Insights are right, then a lot of people are taking some time out of the festivities to give themselves another cheeky gift. 

Pornhub Insights report that they see a huge upswing in users searching for Christmas themed porn over the holidays.

It’s nice to know that horny bastards the world over get into the Christmas spirit when choosing what to wank to.

‘Naughty Santa’s helper’ is the big winner over the holidays, as are similar searches like ‘Mrs Clause’, ‘Santa Clause’ and perhaps most generic of all ‘Christmas fuck.’

My favourite though has to be ‘elf’.

I wonder if they’re looking for a porn parody of the Will Ferrell film or if it’s just horny fantasy geeks who’ve got caught up in the survey.

Pornhub Reveal What Porn Were All Watching This Christmas pornhub christmas search gains 1Pornhub Insights

Worryingly though people seem to be taking spending time with family a bit far, with incest porn peaking in popularity around Christmas. “Fucking dads girlfriend,” “brother and sister” and “mother-in-law and son” all have huge surges in traffic. Bizarrely incest porn is apparently popular all year round, so hopefully it’s just a coincidence.

Pornhub Insights also documented a huge shift in traffic over the holiday season.

Thankfully, Christmas Eve is not a peak traffic time for Pornhub, with traffic dropping 43 percent. You have to wonder whether that’s got anything to do with the holidays or if people are just too pissed to bother.

Pornhub Reveal What Porn Were All Watching This Christmas pornhub christmas holiday trafficPornhub Insights

It’s nice to see that over the holidays some of us take time off from masturbating and instead focus on filling ourselves with food and booze.

Pornhhub don’t have to worry though, traffic soon picks up on Christmas Day – presumably an orgasm helps people deal with the stress of dealing with family.



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