14 Of Adolf Hitler’s Paintings Just Sold For £285,000 At Auction

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14 Of Adolf Hitlers Paintings Just Sold For £285,000 At Auction hitler art 1Artnet News

A set of 14 paintings, watercolours and drawings done by Adolf Hitler fetched a whopping €400,000 (£285,000 / $450,000) at auction in Germany over the weekend.

The works went under the hammer at the Weilder auction house in Nuremberg, with the most expensive item (a painting of King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle) fetching €100,000 from a buyer in China. Meanwhile, an unspectacular floral still life sold for €73,000.

The Nazi dictator initially wanted to become an artist, and applied to the Vienna Academy of Art but was rejected. After that he sold paintings to tourists which he’d copied from postcards and then went into politics, unfortunately.

The unidentified buyers of the works, signed ‘A. Hitler’, came from all over the world, including Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, France and Germany.

14 Of Adolf Hitlers Paintings Just Sold For £285,000 At Auction hitler art 3Artnet News

Speaking to DPA, Kathrin Weidler of the auction house said:

These collectors are not specialised in works by this particular painter but rather have a general interest in high-value art.

It’s not illegal to sell the Nazi leader’s paintings in Germany as long as they do not bear any of the banned symbols associated with him.

Even for historical significance, we’re not sure we’d be too keen to own one of Hitler’s paintings ourselves, to be honest!


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