2-Year-Old Son Talks Dad Out Of Killing Himself

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A 2-year-old boy has been credited for saving his dad’s life after he almost jumped off a bridge in order to kill himself, but was talked out of it by the toddler.

Rao Ni was unable to pay for rent after not being paid for over a year, because he agreed to work but never signed a contract. It left him helpless as everything seemed to get a bit much for him, so he decided enough was enough.

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When passers by noticed the man trying to jump off the bridge, they called the police, which prompted the arrival of his wife and son. But Police were surprised by the little boy’s reaction, especially as they didn’t know how he would of worked out what was happening.

‘It is difficult to know what the boy could make out of what was happening, but he must’ve heard his mother and father talking for hours and realised both were upset, and he was also in tears. At the end when he started calling his dad, it seemed to get through to him and then the two fell into each other’s arms.