£40K Worth Of Cocaine Bursts In Drug Mule’s Stomach During Flight

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A 48-year-old British drug mule from Birmingham feared he was dying after half a pound of cocaine burst in his stomach during a Virgin Atlantic flight.

Colin Smith lost consciousness aboard the flight shortly after telling airline staff he had ingested a large amount of cocaine and believed one of the pellets had opened inside his stomach, forcing the jetliner to make an emergency landing in Bermuda.

After being taken to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, government analysts determined Smith had ingested a total of 61 pellets containing 239.39 grams of cocaine.

The drug was found to have a purity of 73 per cent and carried a street value of 40 grand, prosecutor Takiyah Burgess told the Magistrates’ Court.

£40K Worth Of Cocaine Bursts In Drug Mules Stomach During Flight drug mules

Warner told Smith he was lucky to both be alive and to only be charged with possession of a controlled drug, which carries a maximum penalty of $1,000.

Smith said he thought death was inevitable, thanking God and the quick thinking of the plane’s crew for being alive.

“After I informed the flight attendant, in my mind, I died,” said Smith, who lives in Birmingham. “I felt the death coming.”

If Smith fails to pay the fine he was slapped with, he faces 80 days’ he faces imprisonment.

I’d say he got off pretty f*cking light there.