5 Places To Wee After A Night Out

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We’ve all been there lads. Lights have gone on in the club, and you’re still going hard dancing whilst being ushered out the doors. The thought of going for a wee was no where to be seen… until you start the walk home. Suddenly your bladder feels like it is about to explode and there is no toilet in sight! Where do you go?! Below are 5 places to have a wee after a night out.


1. On a tree.

Not by a tree or next to a tree… that makes too much noise. Wee directly onto the bark to muffle the noise. Trees can usually cater for 2 people to wee on.

5 Places To Wee After A Night Out dog pee upside down


2. In one of the pre-drinks bottles.

This can be a competition between you and your friends as to who can fill their bottle the most. The bottles can then act as victory trophies for the following week.

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3. On something cold…

The steam that rises gives somewhat of a Hollywood-esque special effect signalling complete pleasure and success. When you are smashed, this looks even better!

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4. At the top of a road on a hill.

Again, this can be a fun competition amongst friends on an intriguing journey as you watch your urine tussle through the cracks and curves of the road. Who knows where it’ll end up.

5 Places To Wee After A Night Out tidal wave


5. And finally… In your pants.

You’ve had a good night, why not treat yourself to a bit of good old fashioned freedom. Pants are as cheap as drinks these days so you can just pick some more up in Primark next week anyway.

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So there we have it. 5 places to go wee after a night out! Good luck!