5 Rappers That Have Actually Killed People

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Rappers are notorious for expressing how violent and murderous they are. But most of the time they’re just chatting sh*t because it sounds cool.

However there is a handful of rappers that have actually served time for murdering someone…

Gucci Mane

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Gucci’s feud with fellow rapper and ex-friend Young Jeezy goes way back. And way deep. It all started in 2005 after an argument erupted about who owned the rights to their joint-hit ‘So Icy’. After it got seriously out of hand, Jeezy put a £10,000 bounty on Gucci’s head.

Then when 5 men entered his home to do the deed, Gucci fought back and single handedly managed to force them out. Four men fled, leaving one dead, Pookie Loc. His body was then found half buried in a forest near a middle school.

Gucci managed to beat the case in court as his self defence claims were too strong. He then went on to brag about the killing in song “Truth”, saying: “Go dig your partner up nigga, bet he can’t say shit!”. Yeah, don’t f*ck with the Mane.


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Brother of Master P, C-Murder, wasn’t doing too bad for himself a few years back. He featured on a few high profile tracks and was making a good name for himself in the US Hip Hop scene after collaborating with his brother and Snoop Dogg.

However back in 2002, at a gig in Louisiana, C murdered a fellow fan in cold blood. Why? Because this 16-year-old fan beat him in a rap battle. Reports say that after being embarrassed by the young lad, he pulled out his gun and shot him multiple times, killing him at the scene.

The trial was a long one, as multiple witnesses were paid off and threatened by associates of the rapper. However in the end he was sentenced to life in jail. It’s also worth saying that he didn’t give a sh*t. This was a man that had no fears.

Mac Minister

5 Rappers That Have Actually Killed People Mac Minister

Mac Minister was once an upcoming emcee from the Bay Area but quickly got involved in an ongoing war between the East and West Coast. Back in 2005, two rappers by the name’s of Fat Tone and Cowboy were lured to Las Vegas on the promise that they’d meet with a record label. They instead met the shells of an AK47 and were found later buried in a construction site.

After camera footage linked Mac with the murders, he then fled the country. But that was only the start of it as a female witness then turned up dead just 2 days later. Minister then became one of America’s Most Wanted after being on the run for 10 month but was finally caught in San Francisco and given life with no parole.


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X-Raided enjoyed rapping about rape, a lot. But when he was finally convicted it came to light that those lyrics just weren’t lyrics. They were pretty genuine. In 92, X-Raided raided (sorry) the homes of two opposing gang members but nobody was home. The innocent owner of the house however, caught a bullet to the heart and died instantly. X-Raided was caught quite quickly and given life.

When in prison, X actually managed to record a whole album via the phone. And the album cover, in which he held a gun to his own head, actually turned out to be the gun he killed Patricia Harris with. The album got him a lot of attention, but it was all worthless as he was later told by a judge that he would never leave prison.

Big Lurch

5 Rappers That Have Actually Killed People big lurch

Big Lurch is a rapper that should probably not even be mentioned with the names above. This is a man whose crimes were so bad, he would make any top 10 murder list. He was a Bay Area rapper and a PCP addict. He enjoyed getting high, almost too much, as not only did he kill his roommate – he ate him too.

Tynisha Ysais was found dead, disembowelled and with bite marks all over her body in her shared apartment with Lurch. Mr Big was later found in the middle of the street, covered in blood and screaming at the sky. There was no need for an investigation, obviously.

Chunks of Tynisha’s flesh were found in Lurch’s stomach, but he still had the ordacity to please not guilty. It didn’t work, and he received life without parole.