73-Year-Old Man Punches Bear In The Face To Save His Dog

By : Sam Ridgway |


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This 73-year-old man is a massive hero and a bit of lunatic at the same time.

Why? Oh, only because he squared off with a bear and punched it in the face in order to save his dog from a quite imminent mauling.

Mr Moore, who shouted, “Get out of here, you bastard!” before punching the creature square in the mouth, also said that he “ain’t run from nothing in his whole life”.

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Speaking to CBS, the now instant-legend’s best friend said:

Carl just smacks it, I couldn’t believe it. He’s an ex-first recon Marine. He’s been in barroom brawls, all kinda stuff.

Then, to top it off, Moore came out with this absolute belter: “The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born, and his momma’s already dead.”

Incredible stuff.