82-Year-Old Man Tries To Hijack Plane Over Australia

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82 Year Old Man Tries To Hijack Plane Over Australia pilot split

A 23-year-old pilot who has only been flying for 2 years had to fight to keep a plane in the air when an elderly passenger tried to hijack it.

Pilot James Chandler was forced to break Leslie Nixon’s nose to regain control of the aircraft over New South Wales in Australia.

He then swiftly made an emergency landing in a field near Oberon, 110 miles from Sydney.

During an emergency ‘pan-pan’ call Chandler was heard saying: ‘Whoah, whoah, my passenger’s taking the engines.

‘Pan-pan, pan-pan, pan, bravo foxtrot papa, bravo foxtrot papa, my passenger is trying to take over.’

Leslie Nixon booked the flight with Australia By Air, explaining that he needed to ‘sign some papers’ in Cowra town.

He and Chandler set off on Monday afternoon. Then, midway through the flight, Nixon tried to send the light aircraft into a deadly tailspin.

Nixon was immediately arrested and detectives are currently trying to work out whether he deliberately tried to crash the plane.