91-Year-Old Woman Wakes Up In A Bodybag In The Morgue

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91 Year Old Woman Wakes Up In A Bodybag In The Morgue body in bodybag

Imagine being told your 91-year-old grandmother has passed, and then see her eating soup in a hospital ward a few hours later.

Well that’s exactly what the family of Janina Kolkiewicz experienced, after she was announced dead and sent to the morgue in a bodybag.

However after a handful of hours Janina woke up and to their shock, staff saw movements coming from her bag. When they unzipped her she said she felt ‘fine’ but was freezing. Fair enough!

After her GP declared her dead and wrote her death certificate out, her funeral was planned for 2 days later. Nobody expected what happened next. What a miracle (or horrendous blunder).

Police are now launching an investigation into why it happened.