94-Year-Old War Veteran Finally Graduates After 76 Years Of Setbacks

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In what is surely the longest time ever taken to graduate, 94-year-old Anthony Brutto finally got his degree from West Virginia University after 76 years.

Brutto enrolled as a freshman at the U.S college in 1939, when his tuition cost just $50, but a series of setbacks followed which resulted in the incredible delay in earning his degree.


He initially planned on graduating after four years with an engineering degree but soon switched to a major in industrial arts. Even so, he probably wasn’t expecting it to take another 72 years!

In 1942, the U.S joined the Second World War and Brutto was drafted. He used his metalwork skills on aircrafts for three and a half years, building and repairing P39 and P49 bombers.

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After the war, he enrolled again in 1946. But this time, Brutto had to drop out to take care of his sick wife.


After all these setbacks, Brutto decided to focus on his career. He worked at a number of factories and plants, and found a passion for woodwork, hand-crafting birds and figurines which he sells.

But recently Brutto decided to re-enrol and give studying another shot. The course certainly wasn’t as cheap as it was in 1939 but he was determined to finish the course this time.

Brutto said it was always important for him to graduate. When asked by a university interviewer about plans for a master’s degree, Brutto said: “No. I think I’ll take a break for a while!”


What a man. Congratulations Anthony!


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