A Lorry Tips Over, Releasing Millions Of Bee’s Onto The Highway

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A Lorry Tips Over, Releasing Millions Of Bees Onto The Highway beetn

It’s a bit like something from a rubbish horror film… A lorry flips over on the highway, releasing millions of honey bee’s into the air.

I say horror film. It’s more like my own personal nightmare.

I proper hate bees and wasps. Those buzzing little shits turn me into an absolute idiot in the summer when I have one near me, flapping and running around like a tit.

Thankfully, I’m nowhere near this road accident near Seattle, as keepers are struggling to contain the millions of honeybees that escaped from the crash. The driver is fine, but is said to be gutted about the fate of the cargo.

Dubbed as ‘Beenado’, the incident attracted a lot of Twitter attention.

It looks like a right pain to try and sort out because, well… 14 million bee’s can’t be easy to round up.


This is horrible. Drivers were advised to keep their car windows closed, with bees getting more and more agitated as the days temperature increased.

Hopefully, nobody got stung too badly!


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