A Man Robbed A Bank Using A Sex Toy As A Bomb

By : Alex Bentley |



A man was accused of robbing a bank with a bomb – except he told police it wasn’t actually a bomb, it, was a dildo with some wires and duct tape.

The bomb squad were called after police pulled over 35 year old Aaron Stein. He had held up a PNC bank branch by walking in and telling the cashier that he had a bomb, showing her the wires hanging from him, and demanded $15,000.

He made off with the money, until police eventually caught up with him. He confessed to the robbery, and also admitted that the ‘bomb’ was in fact a dildo.

The police didn’t trust him,and so had to take precautions.


They closed off a major road, as they weren’t sure at this point if the man had an explosive or not, and the bomb squad was deployed. They used a robot to destroy a briefcase, and another item that they deemed suspicious. No explosives were found.



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