A Punching Above Your Weight Competition Actually Exists

By : Rebecca Knight |



We’ve all looked at a couple and wondered just how he pulled her, and while that must be pretty depressing for the unlucky people pointed out, they can at least take comfort from the fact they now have a chance to win a prize for punching above their weight.

The annual ‘Punching Above Your Weight’ competition gets inundated with entries and this year the winning honour belonged to Steven and Paula Black who won by a massive 255 votes.

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The happy couple took the win in their stride and Paula even claimed:

When we first won the competition people had been flooding the emails at Metro Radio saying how strange it was for Darren to be with me,

And when the local press got hold of it even more comments came through saying how shocked they were that I was with Darren and how ugly Darren was.

But for every horrible comment there was at least three lovely comments saying what a lovely family we were.

People say love is blind and I guess I must be a prime example to that, but to me, Darren really is my Prince Charming.

We don’t actually think this couple are too far apart in their looks – but after taking a look at last year’s winners, Darren and Kate Donaghey, we think the competition is more than valid!

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