A Retirement Home For LGBT OAPs Is Coming To The UK

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 A Retirement Home For LGBT OAPs Is Coming To The UKGetty

LGBT people are set to get their very own retirement home in either London or Brighton – the first of its kind in the UK.

The likes of the U.S., Spain and Germany already have dedicated homes for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender OAPs, but now the UK are getting in on the act with Tonic Housing plans now in progress.


The idea is the brainchild of Tonic Housing director James Greenshields, who started the project after he thought about his own future.

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Speaking to Buzzfeed, he said:


If you don’t have your own children and if you have fractured family relationships, which is a possibility, then you would not have the support networks that many older people count on.

So I thought, ‘What would happen to me?’ And then, ‘Well, what is there in the UK?’ I was really taken aback that, although there are organisations for older LGBT people, in terms of care homes, there is nothing at all. It was a shock. The need and the demand is out there.


The new home is set to house around 150 people and the design will reportedly be based on a glass-fronted equivalent in Spain but, frankly, if it isn’t given a lick of rainbow paint too then we’ll be seriously disappointed!