A Teacher Gets Jailtime For Showing The ABC’s Of Death In Class

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A Teacher Gets Jailtime For Showing The ABCs Of Death In Class abcs of death

When I was in school, I would have LOVED a teacher coming in and showing something like The ABC’s Of Death. I definitely wouldn’t want my teacher to go to jail for it.

Substitute teacher Sheila Kearns from Ohio wheeled in the telly, which is one of life’s great moments when you’re a kid. She showed the comedy-horror to five Spanish classes aged 14-18. I’m not sure why, or what it has to do with taking a Spanish class, but anyway. She went to court for it, as showing a R-Rated movie to minors is a crime.

A Teacher Gets Jailtime For Showing The ABCs Of Death In Class ABCs of Death Q Wingard Barrett

If you haven’t seen it, the movie is R-Rated in America (18 here in the UK), and is anthology of 26 short horror films. It’s made by 26 different directors, who have all been assigned a letter of the alphabet to make a film about death. It’s actually pretty awesome… Although I’m not sure it’s appropriate for 14 year olds to watch in school.

Kearns claimed that she did not know what the film was about as she had not seen it. I don’t quite know what she expected from a film with that title, but fair enough. The jury (rightly) pointed out that she should have figured it during the first showing. However, I don’t agree with her getting 90 days in jail for it.

There are some amazing segments in the movie. L is for Libido is definitely one of the most dark sections. N is for Nuptials is one of the funniest. K is for Klutz is a cartoon about a woman that gets killed by the poo that she can’t flush. Brilliant.

My personal favourite, however, is F is for Fart. A bonkers Japanese entry that see’s a school girl that is obsessed with her teachers farts take refuge inside her bum to shelter from a gas attack. Ace.

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If you haven’t seen it, you should. If you have, what is your favourite section?

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