A Third ‘Blair Witch Project’ Film May Be On Its Way

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blair A Third Blair Witch Project Film May Be On Its Way

No self respecting Hollywood film is worth its salt unless it’s part of a franchise these days and it seems that the Blair Witch Project is getting in on the act, 15 years after the second one hit screens.


The sequel to the original horror film bombed badly in cinemas, so it seemed like the franchise had been put to bed, but after hearing that Lionsgate could well be looking at getting a third Blair Witch Project on the go, we are getting a little bit excited. Ish.

blair witch project A Third Blair Witch Project Film May Be On Its Way


The new offering could well be out by next spring and it’s being worked on by duo Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, who are the team behind films like A Horrible Way To Die and The Guest.

We wait with baited breath – and hope that it will be more like the first offering than the disaster of a second!