A Woman High On Meth Shot Her Husband Dead Because She Thought He Was an Intruder

By : Alex Bentley |



Smoking crystal meth is bad for you. So is being shot.

In Pennsylvania, 31 year old Trista Zickefoose and her 40 year old husband Greg had been smoking the drug together when they had a big argument.

Trista later heard what she believed to be an intruder in the house and got a .9mm pistol from under her pillow and fired a warning shot.

smoke from meth pipe

Greg tried to grab the gun off her, because obviously, he wasn’t an intruder, but unfortunately the gun fired and shot him dead.

Trista has been held in custody, charged with criminal homicide.

Smoking meth isn’t the exact cause of this death, but let’s be honest, it didn’t help.

[Via Complex]