A Woman Live-Tweets A Tinder Date Going Horribly Wrong

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A Woman Live Tweets A Tinder Date Going Horribly Wrong  date at bat web thumb

This girl was sitting at a bar and witnessed one of the worst Tinder dates ever. What does she do? Live tweets it of course.

This must be one of the most surreal conversations on record.

She describes the guy as “the Ron Burgundy of trust fund babies.” As he goes on to ask if she likes fighter jets and she asks him about samurai swords.

He’s also a bit of an entrepreneur as he comes up with the idea of “Uber for dog walkers.” Let’s hope nobody steals his million dollar idea.

Anyway we’ve compiled the tweets in a list so you can read them yourself. Enjoy.

And this is when shit starts getting weird.

(For anyone wondering, snowcaps are joints laced with coke)