A$AP Rocky Kicks Off In London Takeaway, Gets Owned By Customer

By : Charlie MartinTwitterLogo


All hell broke loose when A$AP Rocky wanted a late night snack.

A video has emerged of the Harlem rapper squaring up to a Londoner in a bagel shop, ending in A$AP storming out in a paddy.

A$AP Rocky obviously wasn’t aware of the slang cockneys use, nor did the Londoner appreciate his tone and language. Knocking the rapper down a peg or two, the Londoner said “Why don’t you get some fit girls in your life?”

Constantly dropping the N bomb didn’t go down well, everyone in the shop pretty much laughed in his face and shoo’ed him out. I’m not aware how the argument broke out, apparently it’s because someone chucked something onto his car, but I’m sure it didn’t get resolved.

A$AP has since dropped this tweet: