Abbey Clancy Got Naked On Instagram For No Reason

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Abbey Clancy Got Naked On Instagram For No Reason 19845UNILAD imageoptim clancy featuredGetty

If the recent election news has got you down we’ve got something that may cheer you up, Abbey Clancy’s taken of her clothes and posed for photos. 

The Britain’s Next Top Model host Abbey Clancy posed nude in a number of tasteful black and white photos for absolutely no reason we can discern.

To give you a glimpse as to how the UNILAD sausage is made, we’ve spent the last half an hour trawling through the web to try and work out why Abbey’s done this and we can’t find a single one.

If she was trying to promote a new perfume or crappy Christmas album we’d slam this as shameless self-promotion but let’s be honest it’s 2016 – it’s been a dark year- so fuck it, if people want to get naked they can do.

The photos went down a treat with the majority of Abbey’s 372 thousand followers some of whom loved them so much they decided to leave creepy compliments.

One joked that there mate had already screen-shotted the saucy snap and was using it as his wallpaper while another said ‘Crouchy is a lucky bastard’.

Ah nudity is there anything you can’t solve? Besides the existential dread I feel when I watch the news obviously…