According To UK Women, This Is The ‘Perfect Man’

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23 According To UK Women, This Is The Perfect Man

This right here is something to behold. The perfect man, according to a poll of 1000+ UK women.


And you have Jacamo to thank for it. They recently went around the UK asking women what their idea of the perfect man was, and after compiling their evidence, they came up with this…

116 According To UK Women, This Is The Perfect ManJacamo

It’s basically James Corden. I mean, it’s suppose to have others in it, but I see him and him only. Especially since he lost all that weight.


Apparently though, also mixed in are Prince Harry (understandable – he’s a Prince), Paddy McGuinness (tall and corny), Ben Cohen (I have no idea who that is) and Jonathan R.. Wait, what?!


I have no idea why Wossy is in there, but either way, it looks like James Corden and Seth Rogen’s lovechild and gives us all hope at the same time.

[via Daily Mail]