Air Hostess Charged Passengers For ‘Secret Toilet Sex’ Aboard Flights

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Air Hostess Charged Passengers For Secret Toilet Sex Aboard Flights flightattendantShutterstock. This is NOT the air hostess in question.

One air hostess allegedly raked in up to £650,000 by having ‘secret Toilet sex’ with passengers in the toilets of flights she was working on.

According to the Mail Online, the woman was caught in the act when ‘romping’ with a passenger onboard the pokey loo of one Middle East carrier. (The name of the airline has not been released).

The hostess allegedly made over £1,500 (Dh7,400) per flight and had total earnings soaring way above £650,000. She has since been sacked and deported following the incident in which she was caught.

Air Hostess Charged Passengers For Secret Toilet Sex Aboard Flights lavatory occupied lock plane sign 295607Getty

A source speaking to the Saudi Arabic language daily Sada said: “She admitted that she had sex with many other passengers during flight and that she preferred long distance flights between the Gulf and the United States.”

The news comes after a story broke this year claiming that many cash-strapped and desperate Japanese air stewardesses are turning to prostitution – and are ‘regularly sleeping with pilots’ for money.

Speaking to the Tokyo Reporter, one stewardess, said: “There is a system where the pilots use hand signals to tell the hostesses they are interested, and how much they will pay.”


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