Alton Towers Crash Amputee Leah Washington Could Get Over £2 Million Compentsation

By : Alex Bentley |



A top lawyer is saying that the four seriously injured people in the Alton Towers crash could get several millions each in compensation, with other victims getting up to £80,000 each.

Jill Greenfield is a lawyer specialising in serious injury, who represented 7/7 attack victims, and claims that Alton Towers will be forced to pay out millions.

With the 12 less seriously hurt victims able to claim between £3,000 and £80,000 each, it could end up being very financially costly for the theme park.

Greenfield said:

We have two different types of damages. Victims can firstly claim for pain and suffering, which can total £110,000.

There is also the damage for physical injury, which for a single leg amputation would start at around £150,000.

With added costs for rehabilitation, counselling, time off work, as well as lifestyle factors like disabled access housing and disability cars, the total sum could reach millions.

She says that Leah Washington, the 17 year old girl that had her leg amputated following the accident, should receive the latest prosthetic leg, which is £78,000 just to fit.


She said:

They only last for about six years, so Leah would have to get a new one regularly, costing at least £65,000 for just the leg itself each time.

You have to see how well the person copes with the prosthetic limb, because they don’t agree with everyone. There is a long rehabilitation process.

The court will looks at these young people’s aspirations.

These people have a lifetime ahead of them.

The court will look at what sort of jobs they were likely to get and their career ambitions, and it’s more tricky for students such as these victims because we have to look at what their lives would have been like.

If someone has planned to have a career with a huge wage, for example, they could see even greater damages.

Greenfield has a history of winning huge payouts and high-profile cases, and is an expert on these sort of things, so no doubt the Alton Towers legal team will be rather worried right now.

The good news is that Leah is recovering really well, and is improving massively day by day, which is brilliant.

We wish all of those injured a speedy recovery.


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