Alton Towers Face Backlash After Selling T-shirts Saying ‘Ride Me’

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Alton Towers Face Backlash After Selling T shirts Saying Ride Me ride me web

You’d think that after an utterly devastating crash at Alton Towers, the theme park would be doing everything possible to get back into the public’s good graces, but once again they have found themselves hitting the headlines for negative reasons.

This time there have thankfully been no injured victims, but the last thing they needed after seeing one victim of the Smiler crash lose a leg and others facing months of rehabilitation was to face a backlash from parents for selling provocative shirts.

Sadly for Alton Towers and owners Merlin, that is exactly what has happened, with the shirts (intended for girls to wear), branded with the logo ‘Ride Me’, causing fury. There are also shirts for guys, saying ‘Ride It’, because Alton Towers do not discriminate. Oh, and you can buy other merchandise with the slogans on as well.

Alton Towers Face Backlash After Selling T shirts Saying Ride Me rideme1PA

Alton Towers hit back at claims they were provocative, saying:

The tee shirts that you mention are part of our “adrenaline junkie” range of products and the message reflects the experiences on park.

They are sold in adult ladies and men’s sizes only and are not available in children’s sizes or sold as part of any children’s range.

The way things are going for the theme park, next they’ll be selling shirts with ‘Smile’ on them. PR disaster doesn’t even begin to cover it at the minute.