Alton Towers Smiler Ride Could Close For Good

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Alton Towers Smiler Ride Could Close For Good smiler web1Mirror

Since the horrific crash at Alton Towers that changed the lives of the victims and the future of the park, hardly as day manages to go by without either the park, the Smiler ride or one of the victims being front page news, and today is no different.

The latest offering from the victim’s lawyer is that the Smiler ride could well stay closed permanently, with the ride, which was of course supposed to be the highlight of the theme park, experiencing nothing but problems since it opened in May 2013 – culminating in the crash that made waves across the country.

Alton Towers Smiler Ride Could Close For Good smiler1Mirror

Paul Paxton, the lawyer representing the victims, met with the Health and Safety Inspectorate investigation and claimed:

The ride is likely to remain closed for a significant period of time; indeed it may never open again.

The families are reassured that every angle is being thoroughly covered. The families are satisfied that no expense is being spared in the investigation into what caused the accident on the Smiler ride at Alton Towers.

The Health and Safety Inspectorate made it clear that the requisite multidisciplinary expertise was in place.

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With all the talk over compensation and the future of the ride itself, not to mention the negative impact this has had on Alton Towers, it is easy to forget the fact that there have been seriously injured victims in all of this.

While compensation will help with their rehabilitation, the fact of the matter is life has changed forever for Joe Pugh, 18, Vicky Balch, 20 and 17-year-old Leah Washington, who had to have her left leg amputated above the knee.

There were also others seriously injured, who are also being represented by Paxton and his law firm, with the park already agreeing to pay out compensation to the victims and making the first steps towards that, taking full responsibility for the tragic crash and handing out interim payments to the victims before a full compensation package can be agreed on.


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