Alton Towers Victims Claim Horror Crash Has Brought Them Closer

By : Rebecca Knight |


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When news first emerged that there had been an accident on the Smiler ride at Alton Towers, few people imagined just how bad it would actually turn out to be.

Four victims were seriously hurt and have life changing injuries, with more also seeking hospital treatment.


The theme park are preparing to pay out a huge amount in compensation, but two of the most seriously hurt victims, Joe Pugh and Leah Washington are just trying to focus on rebuilding their lives, with Leah having her left leg amputated and Joe facing months of rehabilitation, learning to walk again after smashing his kneecaps.


Joe and Leah had been together for two months before the accident, and after learning she would need her left amputated, Leah asked him if it would change things between them, with Joe reassuring her it would not.

He claimed:

We were together at the beginning, we’re together now and we’ll be together as we travel down that road – and we’ll be leaning on each other every step of the way.

We didn’t dare look at our own legs, so we took it in turns to inspect each other’s injuries.

More rides have now been closed at the theme park, with concerns over their safety growing.