Edward Snowden Statue Secretly Put Up In New York, Gets Removed, Gets Replaced With Hologram

By : Alex Bentley |



Edward Snowden has made quite an impact in recent years, and the NSA leaking icon had a statue erected in his honour. Albeit unofficially.

A small group of artists put the bust up under the cover of darkness in the early hours of Monday morning… But it was gone by midday.

The anonymous group told Mashable that they placed it on top of the column at the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene Park, because of its relative significance – representing the plight of captured Americans.

They said:

This is a guy who some of the traditional mass media has portrayed as a traitor, or a terrorist, and the very same thing would have been said about these POWs in the Revolutionary War times. But with 200 years of perspective, we realized they were fighting for something all of us are very grateful for.

We hope it will shift people’s perceptions, or open their eyes, that there could be a different story than what they have been told.


A spokesperson for New York’s Parks Department said:

Parks and NYPD have removed the sculpture.

The erection of any unapproved structure or artwork in a city park is illegal.

There have been Snowden themed artworks before but they have been temporary. This was supposed to be a permanent fixture, but no such luck. The statue was fully taken down within it’s first day of being there.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

While the statue may have been removed, it was replaced… By a hologram.


ANOTHER art group, not related to the original sculptors, called ‘The Illuminator’, set up a hologram of Snowden, in defiance of the original art piece being removed.


While his statue may not stay in a New York park, his name will definitely remain in history books.