Angry, Jobless And P*ssed German Wasps Are Invading The UK

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We Brits are getting a taste of our own medicine, after spending decades getting lairy on the continent for decades.

Scores of angry, jobless and drunk German wasps are stinging picnickers and beer garden punters in various parts of the UK.

The German wasp, or Vespula Germanica, is actually native to our fair isle and the Northern Hemisphere.

Swarms have flourished this year due to the mild winter and dry spring, and are out in greater numbers in Essex and the south east of the UK even more than usual.

The little troublemakers have been left without jobs because the queens have now stopped laying, so the wasps don’t have to bring food for the infants. Its a recipe for stinging chaos, as the unemployed workers are out and about eating fermenting fruits and getting pissed off them.

Paul Bates, managing director of Croydon pest control firm Cleankill Environmental Services, told The Independent that much like humans, the drunk wasps get ‘extra bold’.

The devil makes work for idle stingers. Stay safe out there, kids.


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