Animals Roam Through Streets Of Tbilisi After Flood Destroys Zoo

By : Rebecca Knight |


thai webTinatin Kiguradze/Associated Press

Floods in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, have not only caused chaos and huge damage, but they have also left an abundance of dangerous animals wandering the streets after the zoo they were held in was destroyed.

There are now thought to be more than 30 dangerous animals roaming the streets, with three people who worked at the zoo already being killed in the flash flooding. The zoo has since been described as a ‘hellish whirlpool’ as nearly all of it was destroyed.

thai2Tinatin Kiguradze/Associated Press

Residents in Tbilisi were placed on lockdown and told to stay indoors, with eight bears and 20 wolves thought to be on the loose, along with lions and tigers.

Many of the animals who were in the zoo died, with three penguins being saved out of the 17 that were kept there.

The floods killed 12 people, injuring many others and causing £6.5 million worth of damage. Our thoughts go out to all those who lose family and friends in this horrific situation.