Apparently, This Is The Most ‘Beautiful’ Man And Woman In The World

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Apparently, This Is The Most Beautiful Man And Woman In The World k

As far as beauty goes, it doesn’t get better than this, apparently.

That’s what one facial mapping study has revealed. The British study asked contributors to use e-fit software to put together a face using what they deemed as the most attractive facial features.

The chosen people using the ‘EFIT-V PhotoFit programme’ – which is usually used by Brit cops to unmask criminals – were told to take into consideration the thickness of lips, nose length and width, and hairline.

The images shown above were created from the general consensus of the overall results.

Dr Chris Solomon, a world expert in facial mapping said:

A study in Asia or Africa for example would no doubt have different results.

For the male face of beauty, women drew a more feminine face than men. Women rate a softer jaw-line, slimmer face, fuller lips and clean-shaven look as the most attractive, compared to the more masculine appearance that is considered the most attractive by men.

Interestingly, for the female face of beauty, women rated a sexier appearance as the most beautiful. Women perceived fuller lips, a slimmer face, larger eyes and higher cheekbones as the most beautiful, more so than the male population.

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