Apparently, This Is The ‘Sexiest’ Accent In Britain

By : Rebecca Knight |


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The British accent is thought to be one of the sexiest accents in the world – but it’s not the posh London version that’s the sexiest. Oh no.

According to a British Airways survey, which asked 1,000 Americans, the Glaswegian accent has that title.

The Essex accent is thought to be held by the least intelligent people, with a fifth of people asked being unable to tell the difference between the Glaswegian accent and the Scouse one.

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Amazingly, the Geordie accent was deemed the most intelligent – so it’s safe to assume none of the Americans who took part in the survey have seen Geordie Shore or know who Gaz and Char actually are.

Now before anyone throws shade at the Americans, it turns out that 40% of Brits couldn’t actually tell the difference between the Texan and Canadian accent.

Brits also preferred an American with a New York accent, with Morgan Freeman possessing our favourite accent from any American celebrity apparently.