Apparently, We Are In For A 40C Hottest Summer Ever

By : Alex Bentley |



I love the summer time. The proper summer, not the disappointing six weeks of rain we get in July/August. Hopefully this year we are in for a belter.

I don’t like it being too hot, though. So the predicted 40C is a bit much for me. But then, these predictions are often wrong, so if 40C actually means 25C or so, then happy days!


The late nights in the garden having a bbq, wearing shorts outside of the house, girls looking lovely, getting away with wearing shades even though I look like a bellend… It’s great.

The current record for hottest day in Britain is 38.5C in Kent in 2003, but the possibility of that being broken is realistic.

William Hill have the odds of a new 40C record at 20/1, which is still pretty long, but the shortest odds there have ever been.

The sunshine is great, but it can come at a price. All the extended lunch breaks and early darts can apparently cost the economy a whopping £125 million!

It seems that summer is on its way early, too. I saw a lad with no top on, three quarter length Lonsdale trackies in a Nike TN cap drinking a can of Fosters yesterday… And we all know that is the official start of British Summer Time.


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