Armed Robber Walks Out Of High Security Prison And Heads To Spain

By : Rebecca Knight |


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When Haroon Ahmed was sent to prison in 2008 after being convicted of robbing a garage armed with a knife, he probably didn’t think he would be seeing the light of day for a while.

That was not the case, with Ahmed able to simply walk out of HMP Dovegate, Staffs, the armed robbed then fled to the Costa Del Sol, sparking a nationwide manhunt, and where the police failed to find the 26 year old, the Sunday Mirror did not.


Apparently, he escaped to Spain, with The Sunday Mirror tracking him down, even managing to get an interview from the criminal, who claimed:

In my own mind I wanted to test out the security. I thought, I’ll give it a go – and walked out the door. That’s how easy it was. I just kept on walking.

The Mirror have obviously passed information down to the police, who are obviously following up the lead and frankly, if anyone is stupid enough to go on the run and then give an interview to a mainstream newspaper, you deserve to be caught.


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