Arsenal And Chelsea Join Forces To Commission ‘Half & Half’ Ashley Cole Statue

By : Charlie Martin |



Arsenal and Chelsea may have a massive rivalry on the pitch, but it seems they’ve put competition aside for a unique collaboration to celebrate the career of Ashley Cole.

To commemorate Cole’s time at both clubs, they wanted to celebrate his success and applaud him by creating a statue where he would wear half an Arsenal kit and half a Chelsea kit.

The designer of the statue, Olaf Lipro, stated it would be inspired by the ‘half & half’ scarf.

The brief was that, as Cole is held with such affection by both Arsenal and Chelsea fans, I must find a way of marking his time at both clubs. The half half statue is an idea I came up with after seeing fans wearing scarves with two clubs on it.

The statue is due to be unveiled in June 2016. It is also understood that Crystal Palace, whom Cole played 14 games for during a loan spell in 1999, have officially requested at least ‘one sock’ of theirs on the statue.

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After seeing Cole make an appearance on Henry’s statue, it was felt the left back needed his own tribute.