Arsenal Are The 2015 FA Cup Winners

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Arsenal Are The 2015 FA Cup Winners theo web

Arsene Wenger had some pretty big calls to make ahead of the FA Cup final, and for once he seemed to listen to public opinion and elect to start with Theo Walcott, and that paid off big time.

The Gunners were on top from the first minute to the last and despite his cult following, Tim Sherwood couldn’t do anything but stand on the touchline and look frustrated as his side were outplayed, looking more like the Paul Lambert relegation fodder than the FA Cup semi-finalists who downed Liverpool and ruined their hopes of a final. Happy Birthday by the way Stevie G. At least the weather held up for you.

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A thunderbolt from Alexis Sanchez had even Aston Villa fans sat there wondering what the f*ck they’d just seen and after a first half that saw Arsenal on top and unlucky to only go into the dressing room one goal to the good, the second half saw them manage to convert their chances into goals and the floodgates opened.

Even the dropped Olivier Giroud, whose biggest contribution to the game seemed to be unveiling his dyed hair, managed to get a last gasp goal, despite being overshadowed by his teammates, so even if Arsenal don’t think he’s worth it anymore, L’Oreal probably will.

Of course, with Arsenal, you never really know and their penchant for conceding goals left Villa with a bit of hope. Sadly for Tactics Tim, it was not to be, with Villa denied what looked to be a clear penalty, but the Gunners managed to retain the FA Cup and win a second trophy in two seasons. Not bad for someone who specialises in failure really is it.


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