Asteroid Heading For Britain And Could Potentially Kill Thousands

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Asteroid Heading For Britain And Could Potentially Kill Thousands 1167

Top scientists are warning that a huge asteroid could be hitting the North Sea, putting Britain at risk of a huge tsunami.

A tsunami isn’t something we tend to worry about in Britain. They are like earthquakes and volcanoes in that they are terrible disasters that happen somewhere else thanks to nature.

But that could be due to change soon if scientists are right about an asteroid heading towards the North Sea.

The University of Southampton is home to some space nerds that have developed sophisticated software that can predict when asteroids can hit Earth.

While they don’t see anything that will hit Britain directly, they warn that an asteroid will hit the waters around the country, causing devastating tsunami’s that will kill thousands of people along the coastline.

Clemens Rumpf developed the software, and says that countries can use it to warn people and evacuate high risk areas.

Rumpf said:

We have discovered around 13,000 asteroids and around 500 of them have a chance of hitting Earth.

We can now calculate where they could impact and the damage that would be caused so that we could get evacuation plans in order.

When an asteroid strikes one of the biggest problems is a tsunami. Britain is an island with lots of coastline, and lots of people living there so it is a risk.

Scary stuff.

It isn’t likely to be any time soon, potentially in the next 85 years. Let’s just hope that before then, the government are sending Bruce Willis up to blow the thing up.


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