Australian Fishermen Catch An ‘Alien’ Out At Sea

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Australian Fishermen Catch An Alien Out At Sea agoblinshark

This terrifyingly hideous thing is a Goblin Shark, and is known as the ‘alien of the deep’. They are very rare, and they eat octopuses whole. They are also very scary.

It was caught off the coast of Australia, and has been given to the Australian Museum.

Mark McGrouther, the museums collection manager, said:

They swim along the bottom of the water, about 300 metres to 900 metres down. When it detects electricity from its prey, it lowers the bottom jaw and then the whole mechanism shoots forward and manages to spear its prey. Unlike other sharks, it has pointy teeth designed to spear, rather than cut it. They swallow prey whole.

These things are pretty amazing. But very grim.

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