Australian Model Drops Glamour To Become A Miner

By : Sam Ridgway |



Australian stunner Shana Mooyman has knocked her modelling career on the head and replaced it with something COMPLETELY different.

The 25-year-old model from Bunbury, Western Australia and has been one of the main faces of club promotion in the country for many years.

However for the past six, she has been a mobile plant operator at a mineral sands mine in Cataby, Western Australia and has recently become fully qualified.


Speaking about her career u-turn, she said:

I was a little nervous first coming into this work, being so isolated from everyone into such a small area grouped together with mainly blokes around.

But I survived my first couple of shifts and an older lady took me under her wing. We started having after work drinks with my crew and that’s when the potty mouth started.

They converted me. I was now just one of the guys holding my ground not taking any of their nonsense. You just need to speak up and don’t take their jibes seriously and you’ll be fine.


As a result of her job, Shana now has three of her own investment properties.

Fair play!