Australian News Reporter Gives His Spin On The Ice Bucket Challenge

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I have an awful lot of time for this man.

After declining to do the Ice Bucket challenge, Lincoln Humphries (an Aussie news reporter) digs in deep at how we can all start giving more to charity.

Lincoln goes on to say:

“Thanks for the support guys.
Really I just thought this would be a creative way to get out of pouring cold water over myself; it’s really cold and wet already here at the moment.
Just to clarify, nothing against the ALS Project, kudos to them for orchestrating a viral trend raising awareness/funds. However which charity receives the most awareness/funds shouldn’t be determined by who can come up with the best social media gimmick.
There have been more than 1 million ice bucket video uploads and only 13 million dollars raised. Considering the individual wealth and celebrity star power involved, those figures are terribly disproportionate; because too many people have completely missed the point.
Sorry to get political, but while I’ve got your attention: Everyone (not just Aussies) should take a close look at their governments’ investments (and cuts) into medical research. Those numbers go into the billions, just for some perspective. Again, instead of pouring ice on your head, get informed and use your vote next time you get a chance.”